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Your customers are happy campers when they're worry free. Isn't that true for you too? Let us worry for you. Bookkeeping done on time. Every month. Guaranteed.


John Hermanson, Bookkeeper

You designed your business so that your customers can get away and have a great time. But, what about you? Are you having a great time? Are you to the point where running every aspect of your business is just too much to handle? Are you to the point that running your campground takes up every moment of your life? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, Happy Camper Bookkeeping is here to help!

Many small business owners feel that they have to do it all to make it work. Sound familiar? It's too expensive to hire a full-time bookkeeper, and most large accounting and bookkeeping firms don't truly understand your business. They plug in numbers and that's that. John Hermanson is the managing partner and bookkeeper for Happy Camper Bookkeeping, and he understands what it means to own a campground. He's been a part of the camping industry for 15 years! John wants to help you understand where all of your money is going. He wants to help you create the best possible tax scenario. He wants to save you time and money. It's bookkeeping exclusively for campground owners done on time. Every month. Guaranteed.

It's time for you to have more time. Whether you choose to spend it with your family or to improve another aspect of your business, Happy Camper Bookkeeping is here to help you achieve your goals.

Why Should you Hire a Bookkeeper?

Hiring a bookkeeper is something I struggle with all the time,” says Randy Mitchelson, owner of National Web Leads. While he finds basic accounting easy, it takes him away from working on his business. Meanwhile, it has become only more complicated in the six years since he founded his business.
— Entrepreneur Magazine
Saving money. The bottom line is that by outsourcing your bookkeeping, you save money on paying wages and benefits to an employee. Further, you save on lost productivity costs that come along with hiring employees. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you only pay for what you need—nothing more, nothing less.
— Abaco Small Business
You should have a good sense of your P&L. But, a bookkeeper can help to clarify anything that is confusing about your figures and identify the cause of irregularities ultimately saving you time and money.
— The Huffington Post
You can benefit from the best of both worlds. Most business owners are glad to free up time spent on bookkeeping and leave it in the hands of an expert, who lives and breathes their job. By outsourcing your bookkeeping you will have more time to run your business but also have the security of knowing it is in safe hands.
— YFS Magazine

Why Work with Us?


We are Campground Exclusive!

Happy Camper Bookkeeping serves only campground owners. We understand that owning a campground can be a lonely profession. Think of us as part of your team. We are on your side. We want to help you better understand your business. We want to help you add value to your business. We want to help you make more money. We want to help you worry less and do more! Click below to learn more!

Why are you still doing your own bookkeeping?

You are fantastic at running a campground. It's your passion. It's what you do. We are passionate about making sure you are free to run your campground. We worry about your books, and we help you keep your financial life in order. Let financial experts help you free up time, earn more money, and understand your business. Want to know how to get started?

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Tax Planning & Preparation

With Happy Camper Bookkeeping, the books and the taxes are done under one roof. You have access to a certified bookkeeping whenever you have tax questions about your business. You have access to a Certified Public Accountant to help you plan for the best possible tax scenario. We are here to help you succeed. Click below to learn more!


Want to learn more about how we can help?

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