John Hermanson

Bookkeeper & Managing Partner

John has been in the camping and RV industry for 15 years. He has a passion for helping campground owners take control of their financial lives. 

Many small business owners feel that they have to do it all to make it work. Sound familiar? It's too expensive to hire a full-time bookkeeper, and most large accounting and bookkeeping firms don't truly understand your business. They plug in numbers and that's that. John Hermanson is the managing partner and bookkeeper, and he understands what it means to own a campground. He's been a part of the camping industry for 15 years! John wants to help understand where all of your money is going. He wants to help you create the best possible tax scenario. He wants to save you save time and save you money. It's bookkeeping exclusively for campground owners done on time. Every month. Guaranteed.

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Matt Muncey

CPA, MBA & Tax Specialist

Matt has been providing tax and financial consulting services since 2007, and has experience in tax planning, audit support, financial consulting, and general business matters impacting individuals, small businesses, corporations, non-profits, estates, and trusts.

Matt has held an active CPA license in the State of Colorado since 2006, holds a Masters in Business Administration degree for the University of Colorado Denver, and an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Colorado State University.

Matt isn't just your tax preparation specialist, he is a partner who works along side you to achieve your tax goals.

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